Today I get to do something very cool! Today I get to preview for you all not one but two brand new Magic: the Gathering cards for the upcoming Strixhaven set.


Strixhaven is THE elite Magic University in the Multiverse. Making up the school are five colleges vying for magical excellence. These Colleges are; Silverquil (B/W), Prismari (U/R), Witherbloom (B/G, Lorehold (W/R) and my personal favourite, Quandrix (U/G)!


In my opinion there’s no better play than first turn Llanowar Elves or Birds of Paradise, and while I know Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath has burnt some bridges in the competitive scene, to me he is just fun! Hmm, I have also been known to cast an abnormal amount of Opposition’s in my time, so Judge me as you will – TAPpa, TAPpa!


Alright let’s get to it. The first card to preview is this:


Quandrix Campus


Ok, Ok, I hear you, every set has these come into play tapped, tap to produce either of two mana type lands. However, in Strixhaven, these cards will have a secondary ability, which at first may not seem that great but usually passive abilities like this can be underrated.


4, tap: Scry 1 may not seem like much, but given Green’s penchant to ramp into more lands or produce abundant amounts of mana and Blue’s insidious ability to hold up mana for counter spells or bounce spells, scrying at the end of your opponent’s turn is a pretty good use of unused mana.


I think Quandrix Campus immediately gets a slot in any aspiring Quandrix students Commander deck.


On to our next card.


Golden Ratio


This card suits me perfectly, turn 1 Llanowar Elves, turn two Llanowar Visionary, turn 3 Bounding Krasis, untap my Llanowar, cast Golden Ratio, draw 3 cards!


I am sure the boffins over at Quandrix will have worked out some other wondrous uses for this card but for this aspiring Planeswalker, this is a great start.


Strixhaven is a very immersive set with great flavour, I look forward to seeing all of the rest of the cards as the set unfolds.

- By Glenn Doyle

Magic: The Gathering - Strixhaven School of Mages Release Information 
April 15: Strixhaven: School of Mages Release on MTG Arena and Magic Online
April 16–22: Prerelease Week
April 23: Strixhaven: School of Mages and Commander (2021 Edition) Tabletop Release